Keepers Club – Childrens Zoo

Today's Keepers Club was the Childrens Zoo. I arrived a bit early today and was able to see them walking a Timber Wolf through the park with its partner (a golden retreiver). They pair Wolves and Cat's (big cat's) with Dog's to keep them company since they might not have two of one type of animal, and if raised from pup's, they grow quite fond of each other.

At the children's zoo, they were walking a Tree Kangaroo around, so again I got withing 3-4 feet of the animal. It was really cool. But what took the cake, was the African Serval Cat. I found out that Big Cat's and Small Cat's aren't classified by their size, but rather if they Purr or Roar. Interesting. The Serval was VERY magestic, and slender. When it sat with its paws straight up in front of it, he looked no more than 5-6 inches wide, but almost 1.5-2 feet tall. Quite striking. When they walked "Shawne" through the crowd, allowing him to come sniff you, it was amazing how calm this animal was. He is apparently 4th generation of "incaptivity" breeding. But still quite wild. Shawne has markings of a Cheetah, and is very very lanky. They don't hunt down their prey by chasing, but rather pounce on their prey quickly with several foot range. Oh Shawne's keeper is Richard, who does a great job explaining the animals.

Also saw a Indian Porcupine which was really quite cool, as he fluffed his spikes. Apparently people think it can throw it's quill's, but it can't. The north american Porcupine that I saw later had adapted an interesting begging technique where he would get on his hind feet and walk like a human. It was SOOOO cute. He looked like a little teddy bear waddling around.

Saw some endangered Parrots, and the Mercat's. Sat for about 10 minutes watching the Otter's play, and then caught up with my Mom and Brother. So the Three of us could goto breakfast down at seaport village.

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