Large Groups in LDAP and C# .NET

Well, found another issue with migrating mailing lists into Active Directory. The .Net / C# libraries i'm using have a couple issues. First being, most servers are only configured to return 1000 or 1500 values for a specific property, for example "member". So when I'm trying to compare membership, its always missing some. Yet its not really missing them from the GUI tools. To solve this, you need to query this property value with the range= option. There is a real good piece of sample code for C# that you can use to get this done.

Also, there is an article about the truncating membership issue with dot net runtime v1.1 that is resolved with a patch. At the time of this writing it looks that the SP1 for v1.1 of the runtime fixes this issue.

Truncating Membership Issue

This was a good thing to find. Within 20 minutes I had the new code inserted and debugged.

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