Welcome to Corvette Power .COM

Welcome to Corvette Power .COM this is my first attempt at providing a means for me to share information about things I am interested in. It is also a way for me to store some information at the time I am researching something and then later pull the information up.

You may remember my old static site, with links to pictures and other things. That site still exists, but the content is being phased out for this new 'story' format site. If you have old items bookmarked you will still be able to use them. But if you dont, you will need to follow the links on the new site. More stuff is available to family and friends just request a password.

Both Steve and I are using a package called with a support site of I have now moved my site from Open Source Host to 1 and 1 Hosting .  I was able to upgrade a introductory account with them to a high enough level that I pay just around $9.50 a month and have SSH access, and the ability to host 20 web site.  I still have to give props to Open Source Host as they are VERY good, and fast, and their sysadmins help you install a suite of open source packages such as Drupal and Gallery. 

Hope you enjoy the site, when possible please make comments on the site.  You must be a family member and requested an account to post.

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