Popup Ads and Trojan Horses Spy Ware

After having to clean up a friends computer from more infections I wanted to add more information and bring this to the home page. I do know that SP2 for XP will benifit alot of people so I can't wait for that to be released, it brings a firewall and popup-blocker to a majority of people that would never think to install it.

Neowin Guide to Removing Spyware - A good article on various tools to run

Spy Sweeper / Spy Audit

Free audit of your computer! - NEW! - ACTUAL PROGRAM THAT CLEANS, RUN THIS

Ad-aware 6.0 - free version - removes spyware

Anti Trojan v5.5.407 - (atro55en.exe)

removes trojan software (does the pop-ups etc)
It is no longer on their website, but you can find it on (
Search for "anti trojan", and the first result from will be the one you need.

The news groups say its not supported anymore, so look hard to find it. Name: RAGNAROK Code: 6ABFAC367EDC3F7


This one scans your machine to find programs that change your default search engine.

Zone Alarm 4.0 - Basic

Zone Alarm - Free version of Zone Alarm's firewall.
Be sure to hunt around the web site to find the FREE or BASIC version of this product. That is all you need.
This program will prompt you when a program tries to 'access' the internet. Things like Outlook Express, Internet Explorer will come up right away. You will want to 'allow' them access. If you know you want that program to access the internet ALL the time without prompting, check the box that allows it all the time.

Linksys DSL/Cable Router Firewall

Your best bet is to get this piece of hardware. It sits between your cable modem and your computer and blocks hackers from getting to your computer. This doesn't mean it does everything, but its part of a good complete defense. You can buy ones with 802.11b access so you can have wireless access in your house. It works great for allowing multiple computers to all use one cable modem.

Norton Anti-Virus
Norton Internet Security

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