MiraMar Air Show

Going to goto the MiraMar Airshow this year with Chris. If your interested in joining us, its open seating. We have opted to upgrade to one of the pavilions. Email me if your interested in attending.

MiraMar Airshow Info

Ticket Prices

The Observation Deck is a tented shade area with inside and outside seating. Unlimited water, preferred parking* and an Air Show Souvenir Program are included.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Matinee Shows

Adult $23

Child (ages 3-11) $15

Saturday Twilight Show

Adult $10

Child (ages 3-11) $7


Web Hit Stats Tracking Packages

To get web hit counters for your web site there are two fairly good FREE solutions.


Site Meter


Cellular Telephone Users Unite to Bargain for Rates

SAN FRANCISCO --- Cellular Telephone Users Unite to Bargain for Rates as They
Gain Freedom to Keep Their Numbers When Switching Carriers

9/25/2003 @ 8:42 AM

Now that cell phone users can change providers without losing their phone
numbers, effective November 24, they are organizing to use collective buying
power to negotiate better rates.

The Cellular Telephone Users Alliance Inc. (CTUA) will bargain on behalf
of its members. Cell phone users can join the alliance at no charge at

"Cellular service providers are spending up to $300 a person in marketing
and advertising just to attract and sign up a customer," says Patrick Riley,
one of the founders of CTUA. "We will deliver maybe a million customers at
once in return for a much lower rate."

Prior to the new legislation, cellular telephone users were reluctant to
change providers because it would mean having to notify everyone in their
personal and business world of their new number, not to mention reprinting
business cards, Riley says.

CTUA plans to negotiate with all major cellular providers representing
the collective interests of its members. The alliance promises not to use
member information for any other purpose.

At the time a CTUA-negotiated rate for the member's area and preferences
is announced, members will have the opportunity to take advantage of the
rate with no financial obligation unless the member opts to be included in
the CTUA-negotiated rate.

In addition, CTUA plans to represent the collective interests of its
members in issues before Congress, the FCC and other federal agencies.

"While mobile telephone companies are constantly devising plans to retain
current customers by increasing costs to switch carriers and by increasing
contract length, our mission is to benefit the consumer by using the
negotiating power of a large group," added Riley.


BitTorrent for QUICK downloads

Several sites have started using this to allow people to download stuff quickly, without overloading their network. A good example of this is Fanimatrix. This is a individiual that made a mini-movie. If he hosted the 140MB file on his own server he would overload his ISP with downloads. So BT allows people to download it... and while downloading it, they share with others.

To get BitTorrent to work you will first need to install Bit Torrent 3.2.1. This installs quickly and there are NO desktop icons in the start menu! This is because BitTorrent isn't a 'thick client', it gets launched after you download a stub of the file you are getting off the BitTorrent network. You will find the link below is a link to a .TORRENT file, which is like 56k big. That stub involks the BitTorrent client to pull down the 379MB install. Very COOL!

You may notice that downloads are very slow... if this is the case, then your computer is probably behind a firewall. Try opening ports 6881 to 6889, or put your machine in the DMZ temporarily. If you have questions about that email me.


StrongBad on

Strong Bad reads his email about once a week! You MUST stop by his site and take a peak at what he's been doing.

My favorite is still... Techno


Pets.COM puppet is BACK! at

The Pets.COM puppet is back on You can link right to the two movies about the puppet HERE!. I also saved a copy if this gets old in SockPuppet directory.

Can't believe this shit makes the Mercury News!


The best Universal Remote I’ve Seen MX-500

This weekend I helped Lorinda's dad get his new Universal Remote. This thing took about 30-45 minutes to get setup. This included getting it to become 3 different remotes, and then enhance it to have the volume control always control the stereo's volume. It also had a great 'FAV' channels feature that lets you press NBC to goto the channel for NBC. There were 50 of them, and I found it dramatically faster than bringing up the GUIDE. This remote even has pre-programmed codes for TIVO (Sony and Phillips).

A truly unbelievable value!

This preprogrammed and learning remote control is designed to simplify your entertainment experience. The brightly backlit LCD viewscreen actually has 26 individual pages for operating up to 10 audio and/or video components. The component buttons are strategically placed around the LCD viewscreen and can be renamed, according to the actual components that your audio or video system may include.

Basic set-up of the remote can be fast and easy

The MX-500 boasts a built-in preprogrammed database of over 1,000 audio and video component codes, and is also fully capable of learning your home theater system's audio/video components remote control codes (up to 530 functions). For those households that require more than one remote control, the MX-500 can easily be cloned via infrared from another programmed MX-500. It's that simple!


Unreal Tournament 2004 – UT2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 is shipping in November. This game is sure to gain respect quickly, as they have continue enhance the already great UT2003 engine. They have added vehicles, more team based levels, and more outside spaces. The game will definately attract us Counter Strike, Battlefield 1942, and Halo addicts.

Callaway's UT2003 Stats

Check out this awsome review on

Pre Order Now! on EB

Pre Order Now! on AMAZON.COM


Which Laptop to Buy

I'm currently in the market to buy a new IBM Thinkpad. There are several things I want the laptop to have.

  1. WiFi 802.11b built in
  2. DVD/CDRW Burner built in
  3. 1400 resolution screen
  4. Be light weight
  5. 1Gig RAM / 60-80Gb HDD

Here are some links I have found.

T23 2647+15

T-Series web site



CD Cover Art

If you are like me and like to keep backups of your CD's in your car, rather than the originals. This site maybe just for you. I usually have a handful of hand written CD's in my car, now you can have them have the labels like the ones in your room.

One great reason for having copies in your car is because of theft, and just wear and tear that tossing them around the car does. But having them all look the same sucks. 🙁

These sites have pop-ups so install your favorite pop-up blocker first.