Moving applications to a new computer

I just bought a new computer... of course you know this already because you read my early blog entries? The dance I go through with getting a new computer is that you have to get all your 'tweaks' and applications loaded back up on the new computer. Some people may just happily start over, but I like to have things working exactly the way I tweaked them on my first box. Here are the steps I wrote down the last time I got a new box at work. I will try and build on this list over time to address future things that I tweak on a fresh install.

- Just backup the entire Documents and Settings, preferably when logged out.
- Desktop / Start Menu / Application Data / Favorites
- App Tray Icons
- Scheduled Tasks
= Tricky is registry! NTUSER.DAT

- c:tfiskeappscyberdesktop.exe
- move scheduled task

- lvp-avaya-voice-player.exe

- SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.5.exe
- C:Program FilesSSH Communications SecuritySSH Secure Shell
- C:Documents and SettingstjfiskeApplication DataSSH



- ncsetup.exe
- C:program filesNetCaptor Pro
- C:Documents and SettingstjfiskeLocal SettingsApplication DataStilesoftNetCaptor
- move-netcaptor.reg
= Copy Program Folder, Then Local Settings, and then apply .REG key, and make shortcut for NetCaptor.exe

- C:Program FilesTrillianusersdefault
(-) Remove downloads
(-) Remove logs (unless you want them)
= Copy entire folder over, and RUN, no reg, no install


- C:tfiskemp3-otherstreamripper
- Copy .BAT and .LNK files

- pn21ebus.exe
- C:Documents and SettingstjfiskeApplication Data3MPSNotes

GNU Utilities
- C:utils

Command Prompt
- Reg key to set my default settings

Enable Terminal Services
- Reg key to change the default port

Folder Views
- If you copy the userprofile over, this is covered!
- Show file extensions, make system folders viewable

- If you copy the userprofile over, this is covered!
- Change window sizes, and theme

Scheduled Tasks

Startup Items

Quicklaunch Bar


Flat Panel Monitors

Someone stop me... I just bought a 20" LCD monitor from Dell. Its a very nice model, with VGA, DVI, S-Video inputs. .25 pitch. $750.00

UltraSharp 2001FP 20" LCD - Response Time: 16ms! and 1600x1200 resolution

An and Tech Review of the UltraSharp 2001FP

Google Search - UltraSharp 2001FP

Review on Ars Technica

People that want info if they go on sale again: Kev, Tad, TJ


Mono brings .NET and C# Programs to Linux and other OS’s

Mono is a project started by the Gnome guys to allow you to run .NET executables on Linux, and other operating systems. Currently these only work on Windows platformed machines. But with this open source project, it would be possible to run them anywhere. I am in the process of getting these to work on a Linux machine, and have had only fledgling success at getting them to run on my windows box. The cool thing is that you would be able to develop your ASP.NET application on your PC, with Visual Studio .NET, then take the deliverable and get them hosted on your Linux/Apache ISP. 🙂

They apparently already have the IBuySpy program that Microsoft released as a demo ecommerce application with the first release of .NET.

Of course the links:

Download Mono

Beginners guide to running Mono

Getting ASP.NET to work

More on ASP.NET and mono


NEW Virus, don’t open .ZIP files

There is a new email based Virus floating around (W32/[email protected]) that is embedded in a .ZIP file. One of the files in the .ZIP is actually the virus. Don't open it up. If you open it up and double click on a files (which looks sort of like a .JPG graphics file). You will get infected.

More information here!

W32/[email protected] has been deemed High-Outbreak due to prevalence.

Read About It

Information about W32/[email protected] is located on VIL at:


W32/[email protected] was first discovered on 01/26/2004 and detection will be added to the 4319 dat files (Release Date: 1/26/2004). The EXTRA.DAT is available.

If you suspect you have W32/[email protected], please submit a sample to


Free Cat!


New XBOX for $99.00

"CNN is reporting that Microsoft's Xbox may be on the verge of a substantial price cut, falling from $179 to $99 by Labor Day, and Microsoft will launch its next generation console in late 2005 - a year earlier than has been previously rumored. That would put the Xbox 2 on store shelves up to a full year before Sony's PlayStation 3."


Buying online

When buying online, its good to use the following sites.

My new favorite place to search, found a 250GB Maxtor one touch for $70 cheaper than at fry's. $299.95 out the door, no tax, no shipping!

These guys have the best engine for searching for good deals. Pricewatch Price Watch.

Type in the name of the reseller... easybuy2000... and find out that they suck before you buy from them!


Linux Experiences

Other Distributions


New RPCSS DCOM patch

You MUST update your machines

These patches are critical to protecting your machine from future viruses. I am confident that there will be a 'worm' virus that will be created in the coming weeks that you will want to have your machine protected!. To do so is very easy.

*** {03.36.019} Win - MS03-039: RPCSS DCOM buffer overflow

Microsoft released MS03-039 ("RPCSS DCOM buffer overflow"). The RPCSS service contains multiple buffer overflows in the DCOM activation code, thereby allowing a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

FAQ and patch:

Source: Microsoft


My New Years Resolution

Is no where near this funny... Read More

Isn't this always the frustrating truth?