My favorite music video from DJ Format

Got this link from Rivard. Got to just LOVE dancing Mascots.

DJ Format

Check out this guys site at WWW.Ruben.FM


Is your boss a ‘snake in a suit’ or just an ordinary psycho?

Is your boss a 'snake in a suit' or just an ordinary psycho?

Wed Aug 25,11:17 AM ET Add Health - AFP to My Yahoo!

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Is your boss a charming, well-educated and polished leader intent on climbing the career ladder? If so, he could be a psychopath, psychologists gathered in Stockholm said.

Recent research has shown that not all psychopaths are violent killers -- many of them hold normal jobs, with some rising to the highest levels of executive management.

But their charisma and ambition are often mistaken for leadership traits rather than psychopathic ones, industrial-organisation psychologist Paul Babiak of the United States told the EuroScience Open Forum in Stockholm.

"Psychopaths tend to be charming, have a grandiose sense of self, and they like money, power and sex. They have strong verbal skills and can manipulate by telling a good story. Because they can talk big, you think they have vision and can lead an organisation, but a psychopath will mislead," Babiak said.

He warned that the number of psychopaths in corporations will probably increase in coming years, as they thrive in the dynamic and rapidly-changing organisations of today's business market where they can advance quickly.

"Psychopaths don't like to work in bureaucratic organisations," he said, noting that they are "thrill-seekers who like to play the game".

Babiak said a psychopath typically shows no signs of remorse, or feels other emotions the way mentally stable people do.

"So while a psychopath would have no qualms about closing down a plant, a true leader would feel bad about putting all those people out of work," he said.

But the corporate world's dirty little secret may well be that psychopaths thrive because companies actively seek them out: The focus on short-term results in today's "quarterly capitalism" requires ruthless leaders not afraid to take hard quick decisions without looking back.

Babiak conceded that a psychopath may indeed be good for a company in the short-term, but will invariably become a problem later.

"Psychopaths can spin a good tale, but they can't do the day-to-day work. They leech off other workers," he said.

Professor Erich Bartel of the Frankfurt Business School of Finance and Management agreed.

"In the short-term the company will maximize its profit but in the long-term it will be unable to because it will lose out on human capital," he said.

Babiak said psychopaths were found in all professions.

In his work as a consultant for US companies, Babiak said he had come across eight psychopaths among some 100 employees, and all but one have moved up in their organisations.

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Video Card Performance Charts

Using Tom's Hardware to get Video Card performance for Nvidia and ATI.

FBucks Chart - attempts to give you price performance, not always best chart

UT 2003 performance


Lars Art Car for Burning Man makes it onto Gizmodo

Well for those of you who remember me going to Burning Man last year with my buddy Lars Liden, you should know that after last years trip, he was dead set on creating an art car to be able to enhance his experience on the playa. Well his site has been updated with the current status of his Gravity Bowl, which is more science and engineering than vehicle.

Gravity Bowl Article on Gizmodo

Blue Lights

Gravity Bowl Project Website


Getting Free Copies of your Tax Return

You may have the need to get copies of previous years tax returns. There is a way to request a "Transcript" of your previous tax returns for free. The transcript is not a photocopy of your return (which costs $39.95 to request) but rather just the key numbers, and is accepted by most banks and lending institutions.

800 829 1040

You need to navigate down the phone tree a bit, but keep in the Personal Account information. Its about 4 levels in. Be patient.


A decent Matrix Screen Saver with Source Code

I found this cool web site from this software developer. Besides having a neat Matrix Screen Saver the has some other great links, like a javascript MineSweeper, and Emoticon Makers. Also of interest is the Worms ScreenMate, which is a little worm from the classic Worm's game that crawls around your screen.


Techno all you need is a back beat and a sample

Strongbad said it best when he described Techno as basically a back beat with some obligitory sample from an old movie. Nothing says this better than the Taters shockwave video.

Mashed Taters (Potatoes) by eNiGMa the MoNKey

Reminds me a bit of the now famous in the world of TJ... It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!! - [email protected]


Sinfest – Kitties


Macintosh users now have ability to use Blackberry

There is apparently some demand for a client solution for Macintosh users to be able to sync stuff to their Blackberry. 😛

Here's What PocketMac BlackBerry Edition Can Do For You...

  • Entourage Sync - You can sync Entourage Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Notes with your BlackBerry.

  • Address Book Sync - You can sync Address Book Contacts with your BlackBerry

  • iCal Sync - You can sync iCal Calendar and Tasks with your BlackBerry.
  • Now Contact/Now Up-To-Date Sync - You can sync Now Contact/Now Up-To-Date Contacts, Calendars & Tasks to your BlackBerry. (Requires Now Contact & Now Up-To-Date.)

  • Stickies Notes Sync - You can sync Stickies Notes to your BlackBerry.
  • iSync Integration - PocketMac BlackBerry Edition is fully integrated with iSync on your Mac. You can use iSync to sync, or you can use PocketMac's own software to sync.

  • USB/Serial Sync - You can sync your BlackBerry handheld over USB or Serial (Keyspan USA-19HS Required).


Enabling NetMeeting Desktop Sharing after installing XP SP2


In Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), to run the Remote Desktop Sharing feature of Windows NetMeeting when Windows Firewall is turned on, you have to configure Windows Firewall by following the steps in this article.


By default, Windows Firewall is turned on in Windows XP SP2. Before you can use the Remote Desktop Sharing feature of Windows NetMeeting when Windows Firewall is turned on, you have to add an entry for Windows NetMeeting and an entry for the Mnmsrvc.exe file to the Programs and Services list on the Exceptions tab of Windows Firewall. To do this, follow these steps:


C:Program FilesNetMeetingConf.exe


To the exceptions list in the firewall. Details available in link for newbies.;en-us;878451&Product=winxp