CATS – Cat AdopTion Services

I have started volunteering for the CATS organization to help take pictures of Cats and Kittens that need to be rescued into a new home.

Please check out the site.

These are the ones I'm working to get pictures of:


The effects of plastic surgery gone wrong

I'm not sure how to file this, but it shows pictures 'suggesting' that some famous people have had plastic surgery, and critiques if it was good or bad. For example Tara Reids and Lindsay Lohan's breast enhancements(??).

I personally am not of fan of this, but this kinda re-affirms it for me. 🙂


Proxy Servers for SOCKS4 and Instant Messengers

For some time I've been looking for a way to securely remote certain protocols through a remote server. I've finally found several free SOCKS4 compliant server products that allow you to open one port to them, and they proxy requests to the original server. Particularly good for getting IM to work at places that block it, or sniff it. So far I only have AOL IM working, and it does allow me to do SecureIM over it. Next is IRC. I've started with the Analog X product. They have a SLEW of other neat network related tools.

A list of free Proxy Products


FreeProxy is a proxy server with support for HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP over HTTP, TCP Tunneling, NNTP and SOCKS5. It works with a wide range of clients including web browsers, ICQ, MSN Messenger and many others. Features include user authentication to both an internal user database or to a windows domain, extensive reporting, resource permissions, URL filtering, IP address filtering, local port binding, on-demand dialing, calendar control, proxy chaining, HTTP Cache and numerous other features. FreeProxy also includes a small web server and can run as a service on all current platforms. Very detailed help is included that documents all aspects of the setup and client configuration.

AnalogX Proxy

Looking for a fast, simple to use, free way to share your Internet connection with several computers? Then AnalogX Proxy is what you re looking for! Allows multiple machines on a local network to access the Internet through one machine - great for small businesses and individuals alike. Supports web browsing (HTTP/HTTPS), file transfer (FTP), mail (POP3/SMTP), news (NNTP), and now even Socks4/4a for things like AOL, AIM, MSM, etc!

Stunnel can work by either:

  • Receiving unencrypted data and sending it to an SSL server
  • Receiving encrypted data and
  • Sending the decrypted data to an arbitrary port on that or another machine
  • Launching a local program (as does inetd) to talk to the remote machine over the encrypted channel.
  • On unix machines, Stunnel can be run out of inetd, much like telnetd or ftpd, or it can be run as a standalone daemon, which in general is the prefered method. On NT it can only be run from a command prompt (DOS window,) not as a true NT service. We list several 'hacks' that let you do this, however, in the FAQ.

Stunnel has support for:

  • Being an SSL client
  • Being an SSL server
  • Server and client side certificate verification
  • TCP wrapper support
  • IDENT lookups
  • SMTP protocol negotiation
  • Source address rewriting (transparency) (where supported by the OS)
  • Restricting allowed SSL ciphers
  • Stunnel can help:
  • Protect interception of data
  • Prevent manipulation of data

IRC Proxy

Night Light IRC Proxy (ircproxy) is a multi-user IRC (Internet Relay Chat) proxy written in C for UNIX compatible systems.

If you do not know what IRC is, then IRC proxy probably isn't for you. A IRC proxy is a program which works like a client and server, you connect to it with your IRC client and it connects you to the chosen server.

This way you are protected behind the machine running the IRC proxy, connecting through a proxy will hide your machine's IP-address from other users on IRC.


iPod integrated into your car… Neo iOn

UPDATE: - I can't recommend this unit for the 2001 Corvette. I have found issues with a low line level hiss that is not present from the CD Changer, and have had next/prev issues where it skips around in your play list

Spending some time looking now at - which holds some interesting promise, as well as adding Random Feature.

The aux-pod still works well in my friends 2000 Corvette (But its a different manufaturer).

Found out that I know someone at the company that makes ipod2car... going to chat with him about the issues I've been seeing. Check out their products, they are the OEM of the equipment that others are rebranding.

OK, after researching and chatting with some people on an internal iPod mailing list I think I have selected the car adapter for my iPod. They have a adapter for the Chevy Corvette, with an 11.5 foot cable to attach your iPod to. It works the same way that the AUX-Pod works, but seems a little less expensive, and a bit more polished.

We are hoping to order and get quantity discount down to about $150 (+tax) per car. e-mail me if your interested.

Neo iOn

10012 - Neo iOn

Chevrolet: Corvette : 1997 - 2004

The Neo iOn connects the iPod (3g, 4g, Mini, Photo, or U2) to the Chevrolet Corvette's factory radio. Full quality audio and controls - easy installation!

Another link for the pac-audio Aux-pod -


Great Puzzle Sites

Growing up we used to always get out a puzzle to do over the holidays. We went to game keeper in UTC and would find these crazy french puzzles that had crazy cartoon characters raiding pirate ships, skiing nakid, or climbing a verticleville city. This year we restarted this tradition, and as a gift, my mom tracked down several sites and places to find these excellent puzzles.

They are made by HEYE, and the infamously witty artist, Loup.

This is the one i'm looking to get:

This site has a good variety ....

This guy has put a lot of energy into providing jig-saw puzzle info including links ....

There are no HEYE puzzles here. There are some fabulous puzzles here ... Check out
the bird (Tropical Palette)
the dragon (The Student).
Merlin/Gandalf (Winter Celebration)
World's largest puzzle ... 109" x 76" (approx 9' x 6')


Using your blackberry for personal email multiple emails

One of the things I do is carry around 2 blackberries, one for my personal email, and one for work email. The work device is one of the cool new CDMA based Blackberries that also works as a cell phone. I have found out that ALL blackberries that are cell phones also have the ability to receive email at a handfull of other email addresses. Granted they aren't your email address per-se, but with some work you can have your home, or other email directed to your pager as well.

By using Black Berry webMail

You get a email address. Which if you setup a contact or rule to send mail to this address when its received at home, you can now get a copy of the home email on your work device. 🙂 Web mail lets you setup up to 10 addresses, each with its own 'reply address', so you can make the address of your replies come from your home, or from or Pretty slick.

Nextel and T-Mobile have the same site, just change the last part of the URL above.


Links for Programming Exchange and ADSI

One of the projects I am working on is to automate some tasks in Exchange, such as converting people from being Mail enabled to Mailbox enabled. As well as adding altRecipients programatically. These are some of the links I have been reading, not all of them are directly useful to this project. I will post some sample code later on different things I had to work around to modify Exchange objects via ADSI.

Exchange 2003 SDK

Schema extended by installing Exchange into Active Directory

Removing a user from a group in AD

Management Tasks in Exchange with ADSI

Processing a Calendar Message

Sample File Watch Application in C#

Outlook Code - ADSI - Exchange


Hosted Exchange Accounts

One of the things I keep running into is people that like how I have my email setup at home and work. Where I use Exchange and Outlook Web access to give me complete access to my mail from anywhere, in addition, i have the ability to use the Outlook 2003 client for all the desktop type email needs I have. Although the thought of running a server at a small company, or even for a one person company might seem daunting (needing IT staff etc). The best solution I have found is to use a ASP (Application Service Provider) to host your server for you... infact just a single mailbox if need be. So that everything is handled for you. Backups... upgrades... patches... virus protection... spam... all for an entry price of $9.95 a month. Wow did that sound like an add. Honestly, check it out.

Here is an EXCELLENT review of the benifits of using this type of service as an individual or small company.


Another internet test

Another one of those random internet tests

Cupid - Free Online Dating and Match


The Chicken Pot Pie Shop

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop
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Cash Only, open 10am - 8pm daily