Macintosh Dock running on Windows

One thing that I find Macintosh people are attached to, is the Dock... which is funny since its a new concept for OS X.  There are a couple free solutions that provide a 'simular' featureset for Windows Users.  I find its a bit annoying because besides LOOKING like the one on the Macintosh it doesn't do some of the key 'usability' things that the Macintosh one does.

The key issue here is that its not hooked into the OS. 

  • So it doesn't know when you launch an application.  It does if you tell it that you started it, but thats it. 
  • You can't see launched apps show up in the Dock, and then Drag them to a section of the Dock for them to stay there perminantly.
  • There is good support for dragging icons from the start menu to the Dock
  • I right click on a running app in the dock to kill the application... um... it just killed the Dock, not the application
  • Um, only the Apple applications (iTunes) seem to have hi-res graphics... unless you run Vista then things like Windows Media Player have hi-res application icons.
  • No dynamic resizing of the Dock size, so that the icons appear smaller... they just start pushing off the side of the screen.
  • What does work is dragging a word document to the Word application and it launches like expected.

My current favorite is Rocket Dock

Other Docks


Bad Santa Bus

This years Bad Santa Bus was a HIT! We had tons of fun. Check out the pictures on Flickr

Originally uploaded by SDTJ.

New Years Eve 2006

This years New Years Eve party was excellent. Again we did an 80s theme (much like we did 3 years ago), but instead of going as Magnum P.I., I went as the silent half of the Eurythmics. Rachel's outfit was most recognizable, but I was surpised by the number of people that knew who I was. Then again, there were ALOT of people that didn't know that it was me... which is the way I like it. It means I have done my costume well when people that know me don't recognize me. After a bit of chatting everyone figured it out. 🙂
Pictures of New Years Eve 2006