Costume Help

With all the Costume parties that the Brotherhood puts on, I figured it would be good to start a article about places to get, rent, borrow costumes.

Buffalo Breath - Last resort costume place...

Wig Shops in San Diego - Nothing else needs to be said. I have used "San Diego Wigs" down on 5th and Market for my costumes.

Party City

OK, they suck, put me on hold for 10 minutes and hung up. Stop by to get anything useful out of them! Great place for streamers, plates, balloons, party favors. But not decorations.

San Diego (Clairemont)

4283 Genesee Ave.

San Diego, CA 92117

Phone: (858) 268-4200

At the intersaction of Balboa and Genesee next to Target, Ralph's and Home Depot Shopping Center
Mon-Fri: 9 AM - 9 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 9 PM

Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM

Gypsy Treasure Costumes

8127 La Mesa Blvd.

La Mesa, CA 91941

Phone: (619) 466-2251

Buffalo Exchange - Haven't tried yet but good used stuff

the hillcrest store

Buffalo Exchange

3862 Fifth Ave

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 298-4411

Location: between Robinson & University

Store Hours

Monday–Friday 10 am–8 pm

Saturday 10 am–7 pm

Sunday 11 am–6 pm

Oriental Trading
- Great place to buy (144) items of something... glow sticks, blinky lights, candy skulls

For example Bandanas /

- Makeup / Costumes / Supplies.

My next costume - Tee hee

Recommended by Nancy

Another Nancy recommendation

Costume Supplies


Happy New Year 2003

Happy New Year everyone. As usual the Brotherhood is putting on a wild New Years party. This year we were able to acquire the use of the Abbey. One of our favorite places to hold parties. This years theme is 80's party. Looks to be a hoot! From what I know, there are people dressing up as Madonna, Boy George, Mr. T, Slutty Rocker Chicks, Hair Band Rock Stars, Mod's, and who knows what else. We have aquired several vintage full size arcade games Asteroids, Pac-Man, Centipede, Space Invaders (actually pre 80's). I will be posting pictures some time in the morning. I will be going as Thomas Magnum P.I..

Hope everyone is having a great new year. eMail me if you want to be invited to future parties.


Holiday eCards

This year I sent eCards out to everyone. I figured it was a more 'personal' touch given the type of person I am. I am the computer guy most people turn to for questions, so why not have a computer centric greeting. I sent over 150 cards. And it definately isn't a time saver vs papercards. As none of the systems help you send personalization to a large group of people. So you end up going through the web site one card at a time. I found several sites, but ultimately picked I am hoping they don't sell the people you email-to to other people.

Here is what other sites I looked at:


LED Lights – Photon Microlight II

Everyone needs to have one of these super small LED lights. They light up as much as a AA battery flash light, but are the size of a Quarter. 🙂

I personally like Blue, but they have red, white, and other colors.

CFR Lights - 12.95 each - no tax, no shipping!


Roku Media Player HD1000

In my hunt for a Media Player, I talked with Bill about what Santa brought him. He got the new Roku HD1000 Media Center for use with his HDTV Plasma TV. This product is BEAUTIFUL. It seems like a must for people with HDTV's.

It does the following things, all in HD! (1080i)

  • Slideshow pictures

  • Play MP3's

  • Play Movies from the network

  • Read Pictures/Movies/Songs from CF or Smart Media (on front)

  • Access PC/Macintosh Network shares

It has special utilities for properly sizing your pictures to be displayed on HDTV so you get native resolution on the pictures without having it resize them. It also comes with several art packs that you can set classical music to, and have the art cycle through on a slide show.

In alot of ways I am hoping this is what I can ultimately do with the XBMP player. But only time will tell.


Multimedia Center

I'm starting to get into the idea of setting up a Media Center for my house. I already have the best thing on earth... a DirecTivo with a network card, web access, and the ability to make DVD's from it. But... BUT... I want MORE! So... the most complicated but feature rich path is to go with Myth. But its really for more of the hardcore Linux users. Going with Microsofts Media Center is pricy and requires LOTS of hardware, but gives you TiVo like functionality. I have a TiVo so I don't need that. What I really want is something to play my MP3's on my TV, and also some movies I download. So currently my thought is to run XBOX Media Player, which requires you to hack your XBOX, but given you can buy a complete system with a remote control for about $220.00, and the system has networking, DVD player, IR Remote control and the ability to do HD out... hell, how can I go wrong? Well see....

XboxHacker - down
XBOX Media Player Screenshots and downloads

XBOX Media Player is called XBMP v2.3

Story on Xbox hacking

Myth XBOX version? - download the Bz file...


Timewarner Road Runner pays $25.00 for your friends

I know all of us will say bad things about Road Runner, but time and time again, I find myself refering people to get cablemodem... and for the price its a REALLY good service. I found out that if you are a subscriber, you can get $25.00 bounty for refering your friends. So be sure next time you tell someone to sign up, that you fill out the following form and get your bounty...

Tell a Friend


Indoor Cart Racing

TJ now has a new hobbie... Indoor Cart Racing... Yes, I just bought a year membership to Miramar Speed Circuit where you race gas powered Carts on an 1600 foot indoor track. I'm a newbie, so i only got up to 30MPH... but considering its indoors... 30MPH is freakin fast. And whipping around the corners is a blast.

I have a membership, which cuts me a $5.00 break on each race I join. So if you want to go, let me know I'll join you for a quick spin around the track. Each race is roughly 10-13 laps... depending on how good you take the corners.

8123 Miralani Drive, San Diego, CA 92126

Phone: (858) 586-7500

Date Laps Position Best Lap Avg. Lap Top Speed
12/15/2003 20 06 0:35.790 0:41:622 29.8mph
12/15/2003 14 08 0:37.000 0:45:610 29.5mph
12/15/2003 14 05 0:37.180 0:39:728 29.4mph
12/11/2003 13 10 0:36.680 0:42:737 29.8mph

BLUE represents Grand Prix race with 2+ minute first lap.


Kern Valley Area

Bed and Breakfast in the Bakersfield area.

Whispering Pines - Bed and Breakfast

Miracle Hot Springs Preserve - Hotsprings and Camping


What will you do after you create one of the worlds biggest companies

What will you do after you create one of the worlds biggest companies? The following is from an interview with Bill Joy from Sun titled Hope is a lousy defense.

Thats one nice picture!

All right, you win. What are you doing for fun these days?

I'm figuring out a meditation wall for my apartment in New York. Eight feet high by 12 feet wide, with an array of overlapping rear projectors, each with a tiny Linux box and connected by gigabit Ethernet. I would love to get 72 dpi but will probably settle for less - about 30 megapixels for the whole thing. [Former Walt Disney Imagineering guru] Bran Ferren and Danny Hillis [inventor of massively parallel supercomputing] at Applied Minds are building it for me. It's very bright. Given that it's in an apartment, the main limitation will be power availability. I'll also need some great 30-megapixel images. Any ideas? I can always put a picture of stars on the wall. In Manhattan, you can't see them - except, of course, in a blackout.