How to remove GroupCal from your Macintosh

After playing with GroupCal a bit, I found that it became more of a problem with calendaring than it helped. It didn't help that since I use multiple computers if I accepted a meeting on one computer, the other computer still forced me to accept the meeting on my Macintosh. Yes, I use windows most of the time. So finally got it configured so it no longer polled my Exchange account for information, and deleted the 'work' calendar I created in iCal, but GroupCal kept running. There was no option to uninstall the Daemon. After a quick email to Snerdware I was able to get a reasonable fix. Do a find for all GroupCal files, and delete them, and reboot.

Not sure how that leaves my startup files... but its worth a shot.

The Daemon

//Library/Application Support/Snerdware/

Delete that folder which has 'cookies, and GroupCal Daemon in it.

The Application


The Preferences




And you are then cleaned up of this application.


Fixing Outlook Calendar problem with creating new items.

The following steps helped me fix my Outlook so I could create new meetings.

Called stating the following problems.

- Creating Activities causes the following error.

"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook."

- Selecting a time range in the calendar, typing in a activity title "Lunch with Nancy" then pressing causes this error.

"Could not save item."

- New meetings that I am invited to ARE put on the calendar in a tentative mode

- I am able to 'accept' new meetings

- I am able to modify all existing meetings on my calendard.

- Only exists on one computer

Trouble Shooting Steps

- Created new profiles

- Created Cached and Online profiles

- Deleted all profiles and .OST files

- Uninstalled Office, reinstalled Office


Remove several files that are NOT uninstalled during uninstall/reinstall of Office 2003.

I did not have to reinstall office, I removed these files and restarted Outlook and problem was resolved.

(these are safe to delete)

C:Documents and SettingstfiskeApplication DataMicrosoftForms

- delete all files.

C:Documents and SettingstfiskeLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftFORMS

- Delete FRMCACHE.DAT this is the file that did it!

In addtion, if you are troubleshooting a problem and want to completely clean out a system the following are safe to delete.

To Completely uninstall Office, delete this folder, save PST files!

Document and SettingsApplication Data

- Forms

- Outlook

Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataOutlook

- Extend.dat (gets corrupted also)

Hope that helps everyone else. This is a great way to clean up outlook / uninstall outlook before having someone have to rebuild their computer. 🙂


Penny Collecting takes up alot of space

Well, some of you may know that I collect coins, not any specific year... I collect in bulk at this point. I used to sort them all down to the year and mint (when I was younger and much more free time... and eyes that could see). This interesting site tells you how much space they take up... how much they weigh and how much space they take up. Given my storage unit, I would easily say I could make a 12 inch by 12 inch cube with them... which has some interesting stats.

value $491.52
width 12 inches, (one foot)
height 12 inches, (one foot)
thickness 12 inches, (one foot)
weight 4,915.2 ounces, (307.2 pounds)
height stacked 3,072 inches, (256 feet)
area (laid flat) 192 square feet

Thanks goes to my buddy D for find this.