I’m sitting on a gold mine…

Since 1982 pennies have been made of 97% zinc. But before 1982 they were
95% copper.

By my calculations 154 pennies contain about a pound of copper. Recently
copper was at about $1.54 per pound. It - along with silver and gold and
most other metals - has been trending up for the last two years or so, and
is likely to continue to do so.

Save your (pre-1982) pennies. They're worth more than a penny. Last time
this happened was 1964 when dimes and quarters contained more than $.10
and $.25 worth of silver.


Intimate Experience with God


Party Supplies and Decorations

A good place to find cheap decorations and some costume stuff is Dave's Display World

Dave's Display World

(619) 232-3097

1306 Kettner Blvd

San Diego, CA 92101


Finally an awsome Dragon Tattoo

I think I've finally seen a Dragon Tattoo that speaks to me as a basis for something I want to get.


Bridging two Wireless Routers

Got this post of our internal mailing lists... good information on connecting two wireless routers together to get networking to a part of your house you currently don't have any wiring for... or into a neighbors house.

I have my setup like this:

cable mode <-ethernet-> Router 1<--wireless--> Router 2

Router 1 connected to my VOIP phone adapter and my Home PC.
Router 2 connected to my Linux box (mostly used for my MythTV).

Router 1 and Router 2 talk to each other wirelessly (they both acts as wireless bridge).
Both also act as Access Point but only Router 1 acts as gateway and DHCP server. So anything connected to Router 2 still gets IP from Router 1.

If you have linksys WRT54G or Belkin F5D7230-4 you can do this setup but I'm not sure if you can do with other brand routers.

Some instructions here: