BartPE beats out WinPE

Bart PE is the best boot CD for windows to date. You can throw away the limited use WinPE system CD, which limit what you can do once booted.

Many of my friends understand the power and flexibility of using the Windows PE (Preboot Environment) for making a Windows LiveCD's, which allow you to have a CD that boots on most any PC system, and gets a running version of Windows XP going, allowing you to use diagnostic tools from that CD, on a Hard DIsk that is not locked by the Opertating system.

So for example, you could use the CD:

* To boot up and move files around, restore deleted files, or rename a file you just installed and put an older version back in its place. When all things goto hell and a handbasket, being able to access your computer is key.
* Booting off the CD and using Nero to backup your computer to DVD's
* Booting off the CD and using Ghost to backup your computer to DVD's, or another hard drive.

The list goes on.

The BART PE site explains how to use a Windows XP CD that you already own to create the disk image. I also found pre built ones on the internet. Just search for BartPE LiveCD



Had to call an appliance repair place today to get the Washing Machine repaired. The main cycle no longer spins, or agitates. I can do all my laundry on delicate... which works still but good luck getting my clothes clean. 🙂

I made a call to

I got a free magnet too, will let you know how the service goes.

Update:Ended up spending about $225.00 to have the 'timer' replaced on the washer. Also it seems that if you giggle the unit a bit, it starts working for a while. So if you do get stuck, try spinning the knob to different settings while the unit is ON, and see what luck that has. He checked the belts and they were all fine, just a worn down connector.