Virtual Account Numbers

I know alot of us buy things online with our Credit Cards.  And I do think alot of companies do great things to protect your privacy and secure your transactions.  But with recent hacks of major servers with personal data being compromised I've started taking the need to keep my Credit Card info more private.  For this reason I was really glad to see that CitiCard has a Virtual Card number applet that you can run from any web browser, and gives you a Credit Card number that is good for 1 month.  I generate one for every purchase I do on the web, and have felt MUCH better about my private information remaining private. 

 Is the applet for CitiCards.


New Camera

I just bought this great new Digital Camera.

* 6.37 MP

* 3.6X Opitcal Zoom

* Uses SD Memory

* Isn't a Canon POS

The Panasonic DMC-FX01 Digital Camera The Panasonic DMC-FX01 is a compact and stylish camera that boasts high picture quality of 6.0 million pixels, 16:9 Image Recording, a large bright, high resolution 2.5" LCD, and a wide angle 3.6x optical zoom with image stabilization The 28mm wide angle 3.6x optical zoom Leica DC lens offers a new array of photographic opportunities, such as capturing an entire group portrait at parties, or an expansive landscape or architectural scene, to enjoy the benefit of wide panoramas with real perspectives. The camera also incorporates MEGA Optical Image Stabilization and a High Sensitivity mode, which allows shooting at a maximum sensitivity setting of ISO 1600. This especially benefits indoor photography by shooting at fast shutter speeds. The DMC-FX01 incorporates the Venus Engine Plus LSI for high performance image processing, both in terms of speed and image quality, while still preserving low energy consumption. The remarkably quick AF response time, especially in the 1-point high speed AF mode, means never missing that spur-of-the-moment shot. The DMC-FX01 Is also very easy to use with a total of sixteen scene modes to assist in a wide range of photographic situations.


Torus Trooper

This high speed tube type game reminds me of Tunnels an old 1991 game i used to play on my PC. Its also got a flavor of Tempest to it as well. It is free and has some good beats to it while you are playing. Pretty addictive, but not alot to it, so you play for a while and its just the same thing over and over without the levels getting to different. No time trials etc.

Check it out. :o)