HD-DVD is Dead, Long Live Blu-Ray

Ways Sony Plans to Celebrate Their Blu-Ray Victory

11. Add rootkit code to all Blu-Ray DVDs.
10. Send solid gold fruit basket to Time Warner.
9. Change name of Blu-Ray to something more meaningful. Like HD-DVD.
8. Get unused "Victory for Betamax" banners out of storage. Edit them for the party.
7. Call guys at Toshiba, and play Beck's "Loser" over the phone.
6. Watch Rising Sun on their HD-DVD player.
5. Release next generation of Higher-Definition video.
4. Get T-shirts printed up that say, "The HD stands for Hopeless Despair" and send them to engineers at Toshiba.
3. Raise price on Playstation 3 by $100.
2. Release Gigli on Blu-Ray.
1. Savor the brief moment of victory, while preparing for the next embarrassing defeat.

RSS Feeds and Alerts

I found an interesting article about turning your GMail into a nerve center, and it seems to have some relevance to my work email as well.
I've long been a fan of as a way to have blogs and sites I don't visit often, show up in my inbox.  But it also looks like Yahoo! is also offering an 'Alert!" service that is in beta that does relatively the same thing, in addition to doing email notification for other things like weather, stocks etc.
The Yahoo site is:
The original article: