Texas Hold’em

Well it looks like our semi-weekly Texas Hold'em games are getting kicked up a notch. As some of us are planning to make a trip out to Viejas to play in a tournament... now if I could always get my awsome streak of the on the river wins...


Visual Studio Express

For a short period, beta versions of Microsofts new Express versions of their devlopment tools are available. The tools are trimmed down versions of the full Visual Studio Package, with each language broken out to its own part. Its designed for hobbiest programmers. I like the C++ one and Web Dev. Will be downloading them, as they are around 30MB each. Definately a shift from the 2Gig VS.NET install! I'm going to see if some of my old Visual Studio 6 C applications compile with it.

Express Site - Downloads and the FAQ

The new SQL Server Express 2005 is only 30MB. It will replace MSDE.


Hot women in the world

OK, this is just stupid of me, but here it goes. I have a top 5 list of hot women. Here they are:

  • Winona Ryder
  • Rachel Leigh-Cook
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Linda Mertens - Milk Inc.
  • I forgot already... oh yeah the tool chick from Bennie Bonzai's Satisfaction Video


New Color Sidekick is out…

I really like this device, but find the coverage and pricing plan to be a little unfriendly. I really like the Blackberry the best as a client device, with its excellent support for Outlook, and some good 3rde party apps. The sidekick does have great IM support.

Here are some pictures of the new Sidekick, showing the screen, keyboard, and the camera. Thanks goes to Gizmodo for hosting the pictures.


Taking up a new hobby

Man I just love Calvin!


Why Yahoo Sucks

Just when I was starting to like Yahoo, and start recommending it to my friends and family again. I have to pull back and say to stay away. They have yet again blocked Trillian from accessing the Yahoo network. Which is very frustrating, as I have some key people I like chatting with on Yahoo... but will now have to find other ways to reach them. Like getting them to sign up for free AOL IM accounts. MSN is just a bit to limiting, but that works pretty well for most people as well.

Talk to the hand... not Yahoo!


Running LiveJournal inside your company?

I'm still looking for a product that will allow us to have internal blogging. I think looking at the MSDN blog solution is one way to go, since its obviously scalable. And seems pretty responsive and fast. I also have been looking to get LiveJournal setup internally, since I find its friends list to be very condusive to teaming environments.

Live Journal open sources their code for their site. I don't see alot of people developing for it. But some effort to get it setup internally is worth while.

Key links:

I think the site could be altered pretty quickly to perform single-sign-on in a corporate environment utilizing products like SiteMinder


RSS Feed Agrigator for Outlook

In my research for RSS tools, I found this post by reading a friends blog.

The tool to check out is News Gator that plugs into outlook, pulling the RSS feeds into outlook as messages. Which allows you to utilize the power of outlook to sort, and also forward articles. The product is still growing on me. But definately like how it pulls in the gizmodo feeds (includes pictures etc).


300ft Range Stun Gun

I'm having a hard time thinking that this article is true. But I'll post it anyways. 🙂

Its basically a crowd control Taser gun. Which usually shocks people with electrodes to knock them out. This one is wireless, and can be 'sprayed' across an entire crowd of people. Those that are opposed to my oppressive rule of the United States of TJ. Muhahahahaha! I digress.

New Scientist

Defense Tech


Fun Game for Killing Time

This is more of a solitair, match the cards up type game.