I got a new cat!

I finally got a cat!

I've decided to call her Anubis, which is an Egyptian Diety, which I've always been fond of. Sadly Anubis is the one with a dog head, but the one with the Cat head isn't very interesting. 😛 And Anubis is an interesting Kitty.

She was originally Eartha Kitty when CATS rescued her from an RV park, where at the age of 15 months, had a litter of 5. Since then all of her kittens have found new homes, and she has been fixed. All of this in the period of 6 weeks. To say she's had a rough holiday is an understatement. But I can tell you her life is turning around, and is living the princess lifestyle at my house. She has the run of the place, and is a very well tempered cat. Now if I can just get her to stop clawing my expensive couch... more scratching posts are on their way.

This is a picture from the cat adoption web site... before I even went to see the cats on saturday, I had book marked this cat about a week ago! 🙂 And its my CAT!

More pictures to come, just haven't uploaded them.

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