LG vx8100

I just got a new LG vx8100 from Verizon Wireless. I waited for this phone for a while, and used my LG vx4400 for 2.5 years before upgrading. I found several things that I wanted to do with the phone that took a while to figure out. But after doing so made the phone very cool.

There is some good information about the phone here... Article about vx8100, and
Review of vx8100.

I started setting up my phone by getting an OpenSource program called BitPIM - this utility allows you to connect to LG and other phones and access the filesystem.

Connecting via Bluetooth
Details of bluetooth and other settings.

To connect to my desktop I ended up buying a AmbiCom - Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter (BT2000C-USB) from CompUSA for $29.00
- Supports USB 1.1, and Bluetooth Version 1.2. Also online I found this
Cheap bluetooth USB adapter for $19.00

There is a good
Bluetooth Tutorial on Profiles
that helps explain why you need to have a USB adapter that supports the profiles you want. Basically they are features for accessing and supporting different protocols.

Using this I was able to move my purchased ringtones off my vx4400 and onto my vx8100. I was happy about this since I had over $20 of ringers... (side note they sound much better on the vx8100).

The phone supports a screen resolution of 176x220 at 262k colors. So one might think the wallpapers would be the same. This is not the case as there is banners on the top and bottom. The optimal resolution I have found was 176x184 and to save the files as .JPG's. I used the Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize, and crop my images.

I found several good starting points by downloading the 240x320 backgrounds from this Free Cellphone Wallpapers site. This link has a bunch of Fun Wallpapers

I haven't played much with setting the background of the front display which is 128x128 65K color since i find it hard to read, and instead have taken a picture of a white napkin with the built in camera, and set it as the wallpaper for the front of the phone. This provides a much easier to read screen for the clock, which is what I have found I use the phone for, since I no longer wear a watch.

Video Clips
The instructions above for putting images and ringtones also works for Video clips. By far the easiest way is to use the built in MiniSD card to put pictures onto the phone. I found some issues with filename length, shorter the name the better for some reason. I also think that even though you can put video clips onto the card, deleting the items when attached to my PC, didn't necessarily delete them once I put the card into the phone. I suggest following the same steps used in putting video clips via the data cable, and delete the related .DAT files, forcing them to be recreated. Takes a couple extra steps but seems to work all the time.

I ended up using PVAuthor and ImTOO 3GP Converter and I think Quicktime Pro will also make the necessary .3gp files.

Video clips 176 x 144 is the ideal resolution.

Overall Review of vx8100
I like the feature that allows the phone to vibrate regarless of your ring volume setting. This helps ensure I know the phone is ringing while outside or while driving my car.

I find the reception to be slightly worse than my vx4400, which seemed to get good signal coverage everywhere.

The Camera is pretty good at 1.3 Megapixel. It doesn't work well in low light, but outside it takes good pictures. I am still looking for a way to protect the lense from being my pocket, and am looking at a belt clip to hold the phone instead.

MiniSD Slot

PDA Screens Covers - I still need to find some PDA covers, which I think I can get at Staples or Frys that I can then cut to make screen covers for the camera and the external screen.

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