SIP Login from Trillian

Well another wave of good things from Trillian, after the silent release of a stable Jabber.DLL for Jabber communications (and the ability to login to Google Talk) I am now also happy to report that I'm able to login to our companies Microsoft Only Live Communications Server from Trillian.

Microsoft supports access to their network via TLS and SIP. So the SIP plugin for Trillian with a little coaxing was able to do the trick. I am able to see my buddy list and exchange messages with them. Nothing super fancy, but good for 99% of what I want to do at work. I know voice is up and coming but seriously until we all geek out and wear headphones, or get microphones that properly don't get feedback from my speakers that is a bit off... but I digress.

You can download it here:

So the settings were pretty clear...

user: [email protected]
Windows login: DOMAINemail

(x) TLS


I tried using the ip address, and it didn't really like that. I think it needs the DNS name of the machine so that it can properly look up the SRV records in DNS.

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