Video PodCasts onto your PSP

One of the interesting things about the new Video iPod is the ability to subscribe to Video Podcasts, and have the ability to sync them to your Video iPod... this all assumes that you have an Video iPod, which I don't. But I do have a excellent Sony PSP, which actually has a larger screen. I have also found that the most recent Google Video site, allows you to download the uploaded content in PSP format as well as iPod. So I set about trying to make this work

Bottom line... I now can podcast the Suicide Girls Video and transcode it into PSP format and have an excellent viewing experience on my PSP. There are notes on how to do the same with the DVD's in my cabinet... but that is another weekend project.

Sony Media Manager

How to Convert - PSP Movie Creator - DVD to PSP - IMToo - PSP Video 9

RSS Feeds - Downloader for PodCasts

PSP Casting
RSS->PSP Video 9->PSP - PSP Video Converter - Videora - BitTorrent client?

PodCasting Software

PodCast XML/RSS structure

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