Password Security

Calling all Geeky Friends,

I can no longer handle all the passwords I must keep in my head.  I'm tired of going to my 3rd banking web site, and figuring out I've entered the password for my first bank into it, 3 times and now I'm locked out of my bank, and have to reset my password... again, which makes the problem even worse.

I know that I can use Firefox to store my password for web sites, but this is incredibly insecure, as a couple clicks of the buttons in preferences, and it will display in clear text all my passwords.  <sigh>

What I want is a web based password vault, that will not only save my passwords for me, but also allow me to use it to autopopulate password fields upon request.  I also have a Pocket PC Phone that I think having the passwords on that device would be a good idea as well. 

So what I'm looking for is some feed back on what a good solution would be, I will make a centralized post on and also a summary email out to everyone.

I initially was going to include everyone on the To: line, but didn't want a real long thread.  Please let me know if you want to be on any follow up threads.

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