Singularity 2007 and Spinning Poi

I've been meaning to blog for some time now so last night I wrote a bunch of this down so I could post it quickly when I got to work.

About 8 Days ago I went to The Singularity Dark Skies Event 2007 in Nevada. Its a small 'regional burn' (yes there is a creame to clear it up), held by the Vegas and LA Burner groups. nici13 mentioned she was going and since I am not going to Burning Man this year, I figure it would be a good way to get a relaxing fix away from the city and reconnect and rebaseline.

It was that and more. I drove out there with [info]castorsd and took an awesome back road which made for about a 5 hr drive, but with 0 traffic, after Murietta.

I spent the weekend meeting new super friendly and nice people. Dancing was a bit low key until some of the folks from San Fran called in 'crash' who showed up with a mobile club in a shuttle van. Hid most of Saturday in the shade of 'wonderboy's' shade structure and awesome sound system. It was funny to watch the girls enjoy the subwoofer ride. I won't say anymore.

That night I dressed up as Santa Pimp (see pix) and and danced until the sun rose the next morning. I can't tell you how freakin amazing the sunrise in the desert is. I used to camp in the desert alot as a kid and really miss it.

Here are My Pix and Nici's Pix and a YouTube of Crash's Club

Highlight of the Weekend
The freaken best part of the weekend was learning to Spin Practice Poi. My Poi Master lent me her practice poi and got me doing the basics of Forward Swing, Backward Swing, Butterfly, and Weave. I got a good little workout and realized there are muscles that I haven't used in a while, and need to strengthen. Jenn has been a tremendous emotional supporter and provider of insight on spinning.

I got home and ordered a Starter Kit for spinning which arrived last night. I rushed over to my mom's after Yoga, and got her spinning in the front yard. I keep them in my car, and will have them with me if anyone wants to come play. Jenn is sending me a pair of socks that I'll fill with rice so I'll have 2 sets!

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