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Create your own Deep Space Network Station

Have you always wanted to be the first person to make contact with those on the far reaches of space? Now you can make your own 1/250 scale model of the DSN Stations. Seems like a neat little weekend project.

I'm going to use mine to broadcast Spongebob Squarepants to all that will listen out in the void.


Bar Sinister

A bunch of the gang is going up to Bar Sinister this weekend. Its not looking good for me to attend this time, but seems like a cool place. Damn LA traffic. OK, I lied, I ended up going, I got a ride from Heather and Mark. I put some pictures up of everyone on my site.

Bar Sinister

Hotel near by...


Internet Explorer Self configures off a host in your network

Many people are not aware that all someone has to do is setup a host on your network named WPAD, and put a proxy autoconfig, and boom your browsers start routing through the rogue proxy server. Or atleast that is how this all reads:

Create/install/implement a DNS record so that resolves to the host above where you have a functioning auto config script running. You should now be able to use as the Auto Config Script location

Regardless, we setup a hostname that resolves to localhost to prevent someone from taking advantage of it internally.


Bought new sheets

OK, this isn't really news worthy information but hey, I like to remember where I got things, and I usually forget. So I bought new sheets for my new wood bed. Great deal on the comforter, sheets, pillowcases and other things that I seemed to need. - Wine Colored


New Counter Strike 1.6 released – Steam Powered!

There is a new version of Counter Strike released v1.6. It is utilizing a new online connected model of patch updates that is supposed to minimize the cheaters ability to hack their client files in a way that allows them to get an advantage. It also seems to hint a bit at the new UI that Valve is taking with their games (ie prolly Half-Life 2). Its very clean. This is basically a full version game of Counterstrike for FREE!

Read more here, its deceptive because its called "Steam", but its really a full version of Counterstrike. is where you get info and will ultimately be linked to the following site. The site has the download which is ~379MB. There is an option to download via BITTorrent. USE THIS. Basically this allows you to download the file simultaneously from several people all at once.

Story about BitTorrent

Download Counterstrike Steam Installer from this page after BitTorrent is installed. OR, get use this direct BitTorrent Link.

During the install you will need to create an account. There is a friend buddy list.


Auto-completion in Outlook

In Tools | Options | Email Options | Advanced E-Mail Options, there is a setting: "Suggest names while completing the To, Cc and Bcc fields." When enabled, Outlook suggests matches as you're typing in these fields, much like IE will suggest URLs as you're typing in the Address bar. Type in "David" and you will get a list of Davids to whom you have sent mail in the past (names are added to this cache on resolve, i.e. once they're underlined).

After a while, this list could get cluttered with people you rarely send mail to, so you don't need them in the cache. So you can delete those entries from the cache:

  1. Type enough characters so that the name shows up in the list
  2. Using the down arrow, select the entry you want to delete
  3. Press the delete key

Buh-bye goes the name.

Note: The cache is stored on the client, so if you move to another computer with Outlook on it, you won't have the same list. For information on how to back-up this cache as well as the rest of your Outlook data, see For information on how to configure the number of names that show up in the cache, see


Calendaring Issues in Outlook

Most of these issues are pre Outlook XP, but are worth reviewing regardless.

Calendaring Issues

Holiday Issues

Using iCal to send out Holidays


Skype releases a VOIP phone for the Pocket PC

Skype Releases PocketPC Version Of VoIP Software

An anonymous reader writes "According to, Skype Technologies has launched a free beta release of peer-to-peer voice calling software for WiFi-enabled handheld devices running Microsoft's Pocket PC software platform. PocketSkype is a 'thin' version of Skype, the company's original peer-to-peer voice-calling for Windows PCs which was released in August 2003. Like Skype, PocketSkype can be used to make free, unlimited, and unmetered calls anywhere in the world."


Corporate Blog Software

I'm starting to think that Blog software has alot of value in the corporate space. If you agree with me, or have some ideas, please get an account, and reply to my post. I'm still searching for some top products in this space that will fit in the corporate environment.

Some of the products in the space:

Six Apart's Movable Type

UserLand's Manila

Noah Grey's Greymatter

Drupal - What TJ uses and now has an LDAP module for single signon

Post Nuke
Live Journal - Perfect example of communities
Orkut - Another Community
Fast - Great article about why companies are adopting blogs internally and externally.

Sharepoint isn't it - Commentary about why Sharepoint isn't close to taking over the Blogging software revolution


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